Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Still Love You !!!

I Still love you !!!

Why am I so mad ??? Why did not time wiped off all those memories ???

Why this first love is made ??? Why can't one forget his first love ???

She left October 4, 2009 and said " You will forget me in 1 month"
Today its more than 1 and the half year and the situation is same that was 1 and the half year back.

How to inveigle my heart ??? Will she be mine again ???

I love you a lot !!! Mai Yaad Aaonga...

Do Good To Others...Generate The Worth Of Your Life !!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

TYRE SEALER... My New Brand

What is Tyre Sealer?

The most effective puncture protection/repair solution in India.

How do Tyre Sealer tyre sealants work?

Tyre Sealer® repairs puncture and leak immediately as air pressure inside the tyre forces Tyre Sealer® into the wound giving an instant and permanent guaranteed repair.

As the tyre rotates, centrifugal force evenly spreads Tyre Sealer® over the entirety of the internal tread area, coating the area with a minimum 2mm coating of sealant. The coating repairs leak immediately a penetration occurs as thousands of strong interlocking fibres react instantly sealing around the puncturing object thus preventing loss of air.

Tyre Sealer® is the most effective sealant ever, a technology from KOREA.

Is Tyre Sealer® environmentally safe?

The ingredients in Tyre Sealer® are non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable. The product is fully water soluble and may be washed away with water.This enables commercial tyres to be reused by way of re-treading or re-mixing.

What is the lifespan of Tyre Sealer®?

Life of Tyre Sealer® in a tyre is for the legal life of tyre.It can be reused when a person changes the tyre to new, provided the less quantity to be installed again.

How does Tyre Sealer® increases the mileage of vehicle? 

Tyre Sealer maintain the air pressure in tyre for a long span.As such increases the mileage of vehicle.

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We will be launching numerous useful products in the coming months...As Petrol Saver ( Increases mileage of vehicle from 20 % to 50% )