Monday, April 6, 2009

Most Touching Lines. . .

Most Touching Lines said by true lover to her love while Break Up :--

"Out of all your lies you said to me I LOVE YOU was my favourite"


  1. yeah itz true...

  2. I don't know whether its true for me or not...

    But it really hurts that she left me

  3. Better to breaks the relation ship rather than break the heart....!

  4. dont worry dude...there must b sum1 more gud for u who vil really understand ur love

  5. The magic of love persists until sex ruins it!

  6. I Can't explain about this how much this few words touch my heart its really reality of my life

  7. reallly touchinggg......

    I Think My Future Wife/husband is praying The God For me to be Single, Thats why All these Happened.

  9. What you said ... Fully agreed... and now can't dare to face the same situation again inn life

  10. Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever.

  11. I have never been sure for what lies ahead, but one thing is for certain. My love for you will never end.

  12. bt if she dont want to hurt her parents so what...what should i do now???

  13. when one lover scarify you that time so critical moment in the life

  14. ... ahemmm... its like, the 1 who has left u is unlucky to loose the person wao had loved him/her the most... and u must be happy to know that the one who didn't care for ur feelings is has gone away from u.. but still the line above touched my heart

  15. i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it

  16. sache pyar de vich rab vasda a......

  17. why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di......

    bos always happy....

    happy will not come to u

    u have to get it.............

  18. da same happend with me....

  19. he left me alone

  20. 1 LADKA or LADKi
    ek Dusre Se Bahut
    MOHABBAT Karte The
    Bad Qismati Se LADKA Mar Gaya
    Marne K Bad LADKE Ne LADKI Se Kaha:
    “Ek WADA Tha Tera
    Har WADE K Piche
    Tu Milegi Mujhe Har Gali
    Har Darwaze K Piche
    Par Tu Hi BEWAFA Nikli
    Ek Tu Hi Na Thi Mere JANAZE K Pichy.
    “Ek WADA Tha Mera Har WADE
    K Peeche,
    Me Milungi Tujhe Har Gali Har Darwaze K Piche,
    Par Tune mud K Bhi Na Dekha,
    Ek Or JANAZA Tha,
    Tere JANAZE K Piche..!

  21. I m completely agree wid it! Hard truth!

  22. Manzil bhi ussi ki thi, raasta bhi ussi ka tha…
    Main sirf akela tha, baki sab kaarwa bhi ussi ka tha…
    Mere saath chalne ki soch bhi ussi ki thi, phir mere ko chdne ka faisla bhi ussi ka tha…
    Mere aankhoon main sapna bhi ussi ka tha, ab aansoo ka samandar bhi ussi hai,
    Mera dil aksar ab swaal karta hai mujse, ke sab kuch ussi ka tha per ….
    “kya kudha bhi ussi ka tha...

  23. love is a feeling but dear friends the hard fact is guys r emotional then women . there r rules which have to be followed if u do that woman shall never ever feel the feelings for anyone what she feels fr u. women arent wrong they are not bad if they leave u guys. dont blame them blame urself for not playing the cards right way.well guys this is the hard truth of life that u have to play for love but once u have played love stays for eternity.