Sunday, March 8, 2009

And I still miss you in my dreams. . .

I miss you in the morning,
When all the world is new,
I know the day can bring no joy,
Because it brings not you.

I miss the well-loved voice of you,
Your tender smile for me,
The charm of you,
The joy of your unfailing sympathy,
Because the world is full of folks, it's true,
But there was only one,thats you.

I miss you in the noontide,
The crowded city street,
Seems like a desert now,
I walk in solitude complete.

I miss your hands beside my own,
The light touch of your hand,
The quick gleam in the eye of you,
So sure to understand.

I miss you in the evening,
When daylight fades away,
I miss the sheltering arms of you,
To rest me for the day.

I try to think I see you yet,
There in the firelight gleams,
Weary at last, I sleep,
And I still miss you in my dreams . . .

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