Monday, March 16, 2009

My Heart Speaks . . .

You say, That I won't give much attention to you
But please think this also now,
When I call you and I cannot get through to you
I get weak and feel sad
When I call you and when you don't speak much
I feel very bad and I feel down and low
When I cannot hear your voice for an hour, a day or two
I feel that I am loosing your love
I feel that you get more important calls
and I am the last person in your list
Please don't blame me because I think this way
As you know about myself more than anyone in this world
When people get so close they get hurt for the slightest thing done by the other,
I don't know much but I know I Love you
Maybe that's why I am feeling sad always even after I hear your voice
It's just my lonely heart that keeps waiting for you and your calls
I imagine a thousand things and get hurt so many times
When you are silent and do not speak to me
I feel that you think I am just another question mark for you
Now tell me Please
Am I another problem for you in your busy schedule of life
tell me before, it's too late
As I am going to get a Heart Break in no time . . .

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