Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can't Stop Falling For You . . .

The effect you leave on me
Is something unbelieveable
When you walk in the room
It makes my breath unbreathable

My heart leaps like a star
shooting in the sky
Your arms wrapped around me
Makes me want to cry.

Not the kind that brings sad thoughts
or the ones for fear
But the ones when you know that
The one you love is near.

With your hand around my waist
and your head hearing my heart
Your hand just grasping mine
Wishes we'd never part.

The way you tell me its all ok
and the way we get in fights
not only makes me yell at you
but you make it all alright

Im not scared with you near me
And im not afraid of you
The only thing i wish was true
Was that you love me too

I just cant stop falling for you . . .

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