Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trying To Forget . . .

I went for a walk this morning
While you were still asleep
I walked to free my mind
From the smell of your perfume and
Your little decorations throughout the house
I walked, and tried to tell myself that I
Could not love you if I could only
Walk far enough to forget you..

When I reached the gate by the road
I was reminded of you because of the flowers
You had painted on the gate
I walked through the field across the road
Again you were present, the little evergreen
You planted when we moved into the house
It was a mature tree now.I walked on and stopped by the stream
Again, your name carved in the rock when
We laid by the water and fell asleep..

I walked on up the side of the hill, past the stream.
When I reached the top of the hill
I wanted to turn and look at our house
But I continued, over
More than a mile now, and I have come to
Realize that you will always be there
Where ever I go..

I turn and reached the top again
And there you are on the porch waving at me
I could never walk far enough to stop thinking Of you

I just wanted you to know why I went for a walk . . .

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  1. hey thats really .... i dnt knw wat to say... too good yaar