Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Break Up . . .

I wonder lonely across the field
Trying to understand the way I feel
It has been sometimes. Yes!
Yet, I cannot describe it in words.

The marigolds are laughing
Dancing and forever hugging!
Wishing I could do the same
Only to be reminded, you've gone away!

How could you have broken my heart?
I thought it was love right from the start!
But i was wrong.
You were only playing all along!

My trust has been spurned
Good lessons i have learned!
What is left there to say?
Just a 'Goodbye', and go our own separate ways!

The birds are singing
Telling me to leave the past behind.
The blue sky gives me hope
knowing that no matter what, I can cope!

It will be hard
But it's time for a new start!
It's no use crying over spilled milk
Because what's the use?

I know that I'll see you again
Whatever happens and what may come,
I wont do the same mistake
That had caused me heart ache . . .

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