Saturday, March 28, 2009

He Never Knew Love. . .

He never knew love, that much is true
So when love came around, he hadn't a clue

He was afraid of so much, the loss, the pain
He never stopped to think of what he had to gain

Or may be he did, and that's why he shied
If only he knew how many tears I've cried

He tried to love me, I know he did
But when I loved him back, he ran and hid

All he's known is hurt, pain and fear
He's been through so much in his years

I tried to show him the man that I see
It would never happen, it wasn't to be

He's afraid of change, like most people are
He just can't see, he's come so far

He wants to be loved, but it scares him so
His heart says stay, but his mind says go

He never knew love, until he met me
But until he lets go, he will never be free . . .

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