Friday, March 20, 2009

Will I Always Love You . . . ?

It has been so long
Yet when I see you
I still remember
The way my heart would melt
The way my stomach felt
I used to love you so
I am just wondering
Where did those feelings go ?
Do you still remember ?
As I lay here thinking, I see your cute smile.
I feel your loving lips and your warm embrace.
Then, I remember, that was so long ago.
I had told myself to let go.
I do not love you
I do not need you
I would not melt in your arms, or die for a kiss
Why is it that I still feel this way ?
I wonder, could it be ?
That I have always loved you,and only pretended to let go ?
I do not know, will I always care ?
I will always remember, never forget.
I wonder, will I always love you . . . ?